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Expressive Arts

We have witnessed first hand, the transformation of individuals as they increase their self-awareness, enhance their communication abilities, further their vocabulary, even reduce stress and anxiety.  As they explore inner experience, be part of a team and ultimately play a role in the creation of a memory they’ll never forget!

Through a series of expressive games and warm ups, we introduce the participating children to the creative power and therapeutic qualities drama has to offer.

Through community mapping, the children identify an area of interest or issue they wish to address within their creative process. This will then be built upon and be developed into a ‘play’. 

We believe in the contribution Drama can make to quality of life; in school and beyond.

Surf Craftsmanship

Teaching and mentoring children and young people how to build their own handmade wooden Alaia surfboard and surf it too!

Give children a chance to play.

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