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Week 6 – Surf Finale!

The final glassing and preparations were made to Manuel’s single fin – ‘Tranquilo’. The boys made their surf wax, oiled their Alaias once more… then they all took them to the waves!

Vanderful Surf Craftsmanship

All week, the boys and Manuel were anticipating these days; when they would take their boards to the water, together!

Manuel added the resin to ‘Tranquilo’ and finally prepared it for its first surf. Grimildo, Candido and Antonio added the last coats of linseed oil and beeswax to seal the coconut wood.

Manuel was so proud to show the board to his friends and family; he spent a few lunch breaks cycling with his trailor around Tofo, casually ‘bumping’ into people with the biggest smile on his face!

Vanderful Finale Surf

Everyone in Manuel’s family had come to watch, as he loaded up ‘Tranquilo’ to his bicycle trailor. All the children treated the board with such care; so delicately handled it as they carried it out of his front door.

Gibbo followed Manu down the road and out of his village with the drone, as he made his way to Tofo Beach. Accompanied by 2 policemen ‘to observe’ the use of the drone. (They also happened to be Manu’s friends!)

It was such a gloriously proud moment for all involved, as Manu stood up on his own, handmade board – the first wooden board shaped in Mozambique! Frankie, Arjen and Gibbo all got the chance to catch a few waves on his masterpiece too.

A couple of hours later, the 3 boys and Jorge from the first workshop joined them in the water. It was an amazing feeling watching and photographing from shore as 5 wooden surf boards were being used and enjoyed in the centre of the town’s beach.

Vanderful Expressive Arts (Drama)

As the children were on school holidays from this week; Gutsakisana was given the week off. This then meant, that the week could be dedicated to Monitoring and Evaluation.

Measuring your impact and reflecting on what you have achieved is a vital part of professional practice.

To ensure our collaborations are sustainable, we aim to ensure that after we leave, the ‘seed we have planted’ continues to grow.

Gutsakisana is now registered on ‘WorkAway’ and will be accepting volunteers after the school holidays.

If anyone is interested in visiting and volunteering in a lovely beach town in Mozambique and wants to meet inspiring, generous people full of love and ideas; then please check out Gutsakisana on:

Photo below: One of many humpback whales you can see from the beaches of Tofo.

Give children the chance to play.

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