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Week 6 – ‘Chega de moscas, vamos limpar!’  

The performance was a great success, the children couldn’t stop smiling throughout and for hours after! Miguel, Eduardo and Mingo were finally ready to put their Alaias in the water and Jacqui, Belmiro and Baita finished their Paipos!

Vanderful Performance in collaboration with Carpe Diem Resort, Cabo Ledo.

Everyone was so excited that the weekend had arrived. The children kept popping in to our camp… “Can we start now?” They asked; by 2pm everyone was ready to rehearse and started getting their costumes and props prepared.

As 4pm approached, Carpe Diem‘s restaurant was full, representatives from FADEN, Angola Waves and even the Ministry of Tourism were present in the audience. 20+ parents/carers arrived in support of their children and took to their seats at the front.

After a short presentation of the Vanderful Project; Jacqui welcomed everyone and introduced the first scene ‘Pessoas – mais professores, mais materiais’.

Professor Caranguejo (Boston in the photo below), entertained the ‘children in the classroom’ and our first scene was closed by them singing ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’.

Above and below photo credit to: Kianda Studio.

Julia opened the second scene exclaiming… “Limpar a praia!” (Clean the beach!) It wasn’t until Rita Tartaruga (turtle) began to smile as they cleaned up the plastic surrounding her. They all then burst into song:

“A turtle went to sea, sea, sea…

to see what she could see, see, see.

But all that she could see, see, see,

was TOO MUCH PLASTIC in the sea, sea, sea.”

The final scene opened with Baita and Lucas getting very frustrated with all the flies buzzing around their heads. They exclaimed:

“Chega de moscas, vamos limpar!” (Enough of the flies, let’s clean!)

To conclude the performance, all 76 children returned to  the stage to sing  ‘Sapinho Verde’ (little green frog) together. (Losely related to frogs eating the flies!) The audienced roared with delight as the restaurant’s decking rumbled underneath!

In celebration, Carpe Diem generously fed the children and let them play in the playground. All the children were enjoying themselves so much, it was delightful to witness all their happy faces.

As it began to get dark, everyone head to the beach for a group photograph. You can see how much excitment was in the air. In fact the children didn’t want to say goodbye and we remained on the beach as late as we could.

Photo credit below to Daniel Jubero.

Vanderful Alaias and Paipos

Over the past 3 weeks Miguel (centre of the photo below) has been assisting Frankie and Gibbo with the 3 younger participants and their Paipos.

After Vanderful completes 6 weeks in Cabo Ledo, with support from Carpe Diem and Angola Waves; Miguel will continue to shape and make surf wax at Graiciano’s workshop.

Eduardo returned just in time for them all to take their Alaias into the water. Miguel took a super long wave; which everyone was astonished by; as surfing an Alaia is a tricky skill to master – especially straight away!

Below you can see the boys just before they tried their Alaias out for the first time!

Photo credit to Daniel Jubero.

Give children the chance to play.

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