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Week 5 – ‘Acabou Côco’, shaping, glassing & fins

The week was spent preparing props, costumes, scenery and rehearsals for Gutsakisana’s play – ‘Acabou Côco’ (The coconuts are all gone). Meanwhile, during the craftsmanship workshops the boys began to shape their Alaias, whilst Manuel glassed his hollow wood and shaped his single fin!

Vanderful in collaboration with Gutsakisana ‘Acabou Côco!’

The atmosphere was buzzing by 12pm as the children began to arrive for their final rehearsal. After our favourite warm up games, the children had a stretch and some ‘dragon breathing’ to prepare for their performance.

By 1.30pm all were in costume and we were able to complete one full run through prior to the audiences’ arrival. Everyone was getting excited ‘back stage’; when even more children began to arrive to take part. The final head count was 72, some of which we had never met before… but why not join in!

Each scene played out swimmingly; our pescadores, barco and peixe (fishermen, boat and fish) began the show fishing out ‘too much plástico’ from the ocean. They delivered their catch to the restaurante… only to find the fish was also full of plastic!

The second part of the play brought us to a National Geographic programme about the green spaces in Tofo, full of butterflies… only to be interrupted by some rude ‘drunk’ boys throwing litter all over the place!

The presenters questioned the audience… ‘what can we do about this problem?’ ‘O que podemos fazer?’ ‘Pick up the litter!’ pegue o lixo!’ 

When the children were devising the scenes, they made the suggestion to interact with the audience!

The final scene opened with cries of despair…‘O que foi??’ ‘Acabou Coco!!’ (The coconuts have all gone!) Pandamonium set in as the empty shells fell out of the children’s t.shirts.

Mozambique is full of this amazing resource (although it isn’t an indiginous tree)…it would be hard for Mozambiquan people to imagine a life without Coconut trees!

Cleiton stepped up to the microphone and described to the audience about how trees have changed through the generations. O que podemos fazer?’ he exclaimed; ‘what can we do?’ Plante mais àrvores!’ ‘Plant more trees!’

The final moments concluded with another question… ‘which do you prefer; a world with trees or without trees?’ ‘Com árvores’ the audience and children replied! 

Vanderful Surf Craftsmanship

Unfortunately Antonio contracted malaria the week before, so he fell a little behind on his shaping. However the other 2; particularly Candido, went full steam ahead. 

Their Alaias are shaped out of coconut wood; which as far as we are aware, could be the first of their kind! Frankie and Gibbo are very excited about how this could develop in the future.

Manuel shaped his single fin out of left over Japanese cedar and began to glass his ‘single fin pin tail’. The delight and pure joy across his face; makes every second worth while! 

Give children the chance to play.

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