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Week 5 – New recruits and ‘acting on it!’

3 new young shapers began their Paipos with a whole entourage of helpers! The topics for the Expressive Arts performance were chosen, so the children began devising their ideas.

Vanderful Surf Craftsmanship

Graiciano’s workshop has never looked so busy! The new shapers; Jacqui, Belmiro and Baita are accompanied and assisted daily by all their friends.

Frankie chose 3 of the younger surfers to attend this round of workshop sessions. Jacqui is Miguel’s younger brother, so the boys are very familiar with him.

Frankie is mentoring Miguel throughout these final 3 weeks, to ensure that once Vanderful leaves, he will continue to shape, make wax and teach others these ancient hawaiian surf crafts in Cabo Ledo.

Below you can see Miguel assisting his brother with measuring his ‘rocker’.

Vanderful Expressive Arts (Drama)

After the community mapping exercise, each group identified the different topics/issues they wished to address in their little performance.

Everyone cast a vote for their favourite in each catagory. The ones that were chosen are:

People – More Teachers, More Materials (In school)

Animals – Clean the beach!

Environment – Clean up, enough of the flies!

For the rest of the week the children improvised short scenes for all 3 topics. Due to the large number of attendants to this workshop, behavioural management has been difficult at times.

The weather has also changed; intense humidity also plays a factor. When working with children, you must always consider all the environmental changes that could be affecting behaviour.

Below you can see rehearsals taking place in the shade of the only tree in the playground!

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