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Week 4 – Community Mapping and a Surf Comp!

Another busy week, with an unexpected visit to Luanda and a Surf Competition in Cabo Ledo so the ISA Training could be put to the test!

Vanderful Community Mapping

There was excitement in the air as the children split into their 4 groups and chose their team names. Team Vanderful, Team Kionda, Team Panda and Team Boboletta listened intently as directions were given about the activity they were about to begin.

The team captains assigned someone to draw the maps and details and others to control the younger ones; who then assimilated a height order game we had played in previous weeks.

Everyone took to the streets of Cabo Ledo village; pointing out the areas of interest for their map. ‘…Cantena…mercado…escola…avores…’.

Members of the community were really intrigued by what we were doing; some even joined in and followed us back to school!

Inquiry based Education

‘‘Students become engaged in geospatial technologies in the process of discovering and answering questions about their community rather than learning technology for technology’s sake.’’ 

Doug Andersen, ‘Community Mapping: Putting the Pieces Together’, 2011.

The children who participate in the community mapping exercise thought of ideas and began to question certain aspects to their community, independently and unadulterated. Such as; piles of rubbish on the street, abandoned fishing nets tangled in the trees, disused boats and so on.

Through this process the topics for the eventual ‘play’ are developed and discussed. Due to Bronzo needing to see the vet, we had to unfortunately rush to Luanda half way through the week. We will complete the vote for these topics next week.

Sunday Surf Competition, Cabo Ledo

After our unexpected visit to Luanda; we returned to Cabo Ledo after 3 days in the big city. Bizuka and Hans from the ISA had arranged a surf competition for the following day. This was a great opportunity for Frankie and Gibbo to test out their new surf judging skills.

6 boys competed; 3 local Angolans, 1 Brazilian and 2 Italians. It was the first competition in Angola to be judged by the ISA standards. The participants all showed some promising skills, however the local boys dominated the event!

Give children the chance to play.

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