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Week 3 – Teamwork and board completion

Quite possibly; the first surf board to be shaped in Angola, was completed this week by Miguel. Frankie and Gibbo were extremely lucky to participate in ISA training and Expressive Arts has been focusing on team building.

Vanderful Alaias

Miguel worked relentlessly during week 2, so come the third week, he simply had to oil his Alaia and seal it with beeswax; ready to be surfed. He invited his Mum, brother and friends to the workshop to marvel at his handywork.

It was also a proud moment for Miguel showing his board to Paulo and Daniel at Carpe Diem; probably the first surf board shaped in Angola!’

Eduardo and Mingo made the final touches to their boards; adding their artwork and first layer of linseed oil.

Since Vanderful has been in Cabo Ledo; interest and intrigue has generated in the surf community. The boys are already into the routine of preparing the surf wax ready to be purchased by visiting surfers on the weekend.

Vanderful and the ISA (International Surfing Association)

Bizuka (Angola Waves) arranged for the ISA to visit Angola as it has quite recently joined; Angola is its 105th listed country. Alex the Membership Development Manager arrived from America on Thursday, and Hans the ISA Trainer flew in from Holland on Friday.

Frankie and Gibbo were invited to participate in 3 training programmes that the ISA will be implementing over the next week.

Water Safety

Level 1 Surf Instructor Training

Surf Competition Judging

What an amazing opportunity!? Other than the training; the weekend was spent discussing the future of surfing in Angola and other parts of the world. We were also informed about the government’s plans to develop Cabo Ledo into a huge urban residential area. Paulo (the owner of Carpe Diem) showed us his plans to apply for protection of the same area; hopefully turning it into a Surf Reserve.

Below is a photograph of all the participants in the water as they began the surf board rescue training… and yes that is the first rain of the season!

Vanderful Expressive Arts – Teamwork

As we are technically a week behind the Surf Craftsmanship workshops, this week was purely based on strengthening relationships and team building.

The children were introduced to games that depend on them working together as a group. Through sound, movement, structure and imagination; you can begin to see their personalities and their roles develop.

Come Thursday; ‘the penny dropped’ which is a British expression, meaning ‘they got it!’ It was incredible to witness the children’s imagination running wild as they began to improvise independently.

Give children the chance to play.

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