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Week 2 – Perseverance and Improvisation

Our workshops are in full swing. Some changes developed, but the virtues that were taught to us during our previous delays, have instilled some valuable coping mechanisms!

Vanderful Craftsmanship

The boys continued to sand and shape their boards. By Thursday, they had all completed their ‘art work’ and applied their first layer of linseed oil.

Above is Rafito’s ‘Good Wood’ Alaia and below is Tony’s unique planing technique!

Workshop changes

During Week 1 we identified that the local children in the Tofo community were already very familiar with swimming in the ocean.

With this in mind and factoring some unforseen changes to our team, we decided to lighten some responsibilities. Therefore, we made the decision to merge the Craftsmanship and Water Sports workshops together.

Manuel’s Hollow Wooden Board

The whole week Manuel and Frankie were busy gluing, clamping and bending the wood for the frame of his board.

This process takes patience, precision and perserverance!

Once this has been repeated a few times over, it’ll be time to ‘close the sandwich’ (as Frankie would say)!

During these hours, Gibbo experimented with some Coconut wood and made a Paipo board aptly named ‘Pão e Ovo‘; after Rafito, Jorge and Tony’s extreme eating habits!

Vanderful Expressive Arts (Drama) 

This week we introduced more games and exercises to the children. Each week we build upon the activities we played with them during the first sessions; creating soundscapes, using their bodies to make shapes and structures, role play and ‘improvisation’.

“Improvisation is intuition in action… a rapid fire of choice, choice, choice.”

Stephen Nachmanovich, Free Play, 1990.

There are hundreds of studies that highlight the benefits of Play (Expressive Arts in our case), particularly learning how to improvise. It can improve and promote; communication, decision making, teamwork, social interaction, confidence, active listening, physical awareness and help with anxiety.

Vanderful Improvisation

(Above) Doctor Fernando prescribes medicine for Alfredo and Alex’s ailments whilst nurse Simão rushes in for the doctor’s urgent attention!

(Below) Gudi’s group sold their wares at the Tofo Mercado… ‘Matapa, Matapa, Matapa!’

Give children the chance to play.

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