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Week 2 – Concentration and Shaping

Expressive Arts was extremely well attended, all those happy faces make all the hardwork worthwhile! Mingo had a rest after the public holiday weekend, but Miguel and Eduardo were keen to continue working on shaping their Alaias.  

Vanderful Expressive Arts

The first week of our workshop structure is ‘Introductions, warm ups and ice breakers‘. Word must have spread in the village about us; as our first session had 45 children… then by Friday, we had 81!

It was extremely helpful to have had our first project in Mozambique, as we have learnt a ‘semi translation’ in Portuguese. However, due to this large number of participants, progress has been slower than expected. Some of our concepts must be often reiterated, to ensure all the children have understood. The games we play this week mainly focus on concentration and listening skills.

Professor Francisco is not afraid to throw himself into anything we play; the children delight in seeing one of their teachers let down his guard and be silly amongst them!

It really is all about those happy faces you can see below! It appears that the children have had little exposure to games such as ours, so for now, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, learning and having fun; it’s a success!

Vanderful Surf Craftsmanship

Due to the long public holiday weekend, Mingo had a rest this week. But this didn’t stand in the way of Miguel. Every day he worked relentlessly on shaping his Alaia.

It’s tireless work continuously planing and sanding, but all that effort has paid off as by Friday, Miguel was already adding artwork on the deck of his board.

Eduardo joined Miguel in the mission to complete the shaping of his Alaia; only a little behind, he perservered (with a few splinters along the way!)

Below you can see by Eduardo’s face the amount of effort that’s necessary to put into shaping a wooden surfboard completely by hand!

Role Play

“Play exploring ways of being, although not normally of an intensely personal, social, domestic or interpersonal nature.”

The workshop has been attracting an audience of young onlookers throughout the past 2 weeks. It is heart warming to see children as young as 4; pick up a handplane, put on protective glasses and emulate the shaping process on any wood they can find.

Below you can see Balito, our most regular young visitor to the Craftsmanship workshop! 

Give children the chance to play.

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