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Week 4 in Tofo, July 2022

Making an Alaia

This week started off with Manu Shapes’ workshop, everyone helped with the beginning of making an Alaia surfboard. All the participants put their memories to the test and remembered the procedure they practiced the weekend before with the hollow wooden surfboard.

Manuel demonstrated how to use a handplane and everyone set to work…the room smelt of the sweet perfumed aroma of the japanese cedar wood Manuel had stored in his workshop from TegsTimbers.

Gutsakisana is back!

On Monday 18th of July, 24 children joined Gutsakisana, even some familiar faces returned who came in 2019. We played some games and sang some songs that the children could remember, followed by making postcards with the children’s handprints.

Some of the older girls joined us a little later on, they were all really helpful with the activities. It was a lovely atmosphere, we celebrated our return and continous collaboration.

It was such a delight on the way to the shops when some of the children followed singing “Gutsakisana is back, coming to make us happy….VANDERFUL!!”

Vanderful Natural Surf Wax 

Tuesday 19th of July was another natural surf wax workshop for the Vanderful Team. Some children with Manu Shapes assisted by the lovely Lidia from Surfers Not Street Children, used natural and local ingredients to make their very own surf wax. All the children were so well behaved, patient and involved, also the wax came out really well, some of them even tested it out on a few boards that Manuel was repairing!

A Vanderful Collection

On Wednesday 20th of July, we arranged a photoshoot featuring all of the clothing that Rahel and Fernandez have been designing and tailoring over the past month.

Waraia meaning: “going home” in Gitonga, together with G-White an Italian clothing brand who generously donated 100% cotton T-Shirts to our organisation, collaborated to create this exciting new venture for Vanderful / Seeds of Hope ODV.

Some friends modelled the collection and a new collaboration started with a local music artist Ernesto Cumbi who’s being trained in photography by Richie Hunt, a British freelance film maker. We are looking forward to revealing more about this leg of the project very soon!

Photograph taken by Ernesto Cumbi

Give children the chance to play.

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