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Vikki’s Birthday.

Vikki’s birthday had to become a good one this year. But the prospects weren’t looking so great, as we’re in the middle of everything! Frankie did everything he could to prevent what happened the year before: a birthday on the day you’re moving house. So he arranged for us all to go horse riding, in the riverbed in Swakopmund, at Okakambe trails.

Right in the midst of it all – one day after our farewell and fundraiser, and one day before us moving house – we drove to Swakopmund. Convincing Vikki that we were heading to the shopping mall. Something she absolutely hates. But when we got closer to the trails, she got very excited. We had a wonderful ride through the dried up riverbed, with a very lovely guide who enlightened us with his knowledge of this part of Namibia.

From there, we went for lunch at the wonderful Goanicontes Oasis. But before we got there, we first had to find it! We drove the desert road, and stopped along the way to test our newest team member: “Third Eyed Raven”. Having this drone enables us to capture our journey in the most epic way. And Tom’s already an excellent pilot!

As we finally arrived in Goanicontes, we funnily decided to all eat the same food. Our friend Ignacio arrived by bike, and joined our table. The week before, he had his birthday too! Unfortunately Bronzo saw a goat and knocked the table over, which made Ignacio’s sandwich drop. Despite that unfortunate event, we were super surprised to find out that Ignacio had donated our lunch! Thanks again, Ignacio, we will never forget it!

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