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Vanderful Rome, Week 2

Another productive and enjoyable, but scorching hot week of workshops in Santa Marinella, and another exciting collaboration to announce!

This week, the Alaia surfboards really began to take shape. The participants relentlessly planed and sanded their boards, despite withstanding 40+ degrees heat!

The Vanderful volunteers were grateful to establish a new collaboration with Danilo Nalivka from KornalSurf Photography and they welcome him to photograph and record the Surf Craftsmanship workshops.

Throughout the week, participants like Riccardo and Angelo (above) put in the leg work needed to shape the hull and the concave of their Alaia surfboards. Using a tool such as a hand plane is difficult, you need upper body strength but also a lot of dedication to shape the board entirely by hand! Well done to all of the participants, they really persevered in the Italian summer heat.

Participants such as Sofia (above), have remained so focused during each session, we are so proud of them. They followed all of the volunteers’ instructions, kept working regardless of the weather and most of all, had a smile on their faces throughout. What they have been able achieve in only 2 weeks is nothing short of incredible!

None of this would have been possible without the support of Surf4Children volunteers, the welcoming staff at Danny’s Point and the families of the participants. We are so grateful to everyone who has made the last 2 weeks such as success!

As you can see below, Friday finished with this group photograph, as the participants added some artwork to their Alaias and applied the first coat of linseed oil, we can’t wait for week 3.

Give children the chance to play.

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