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Vanderful Rome, Italy

In collaboration with Surf4Children ONLUS at Danny’s Point, Santa Marinella in Rome, Italy, Vanderful Surf-Craftsmanship Workshops have begun!


On Monday the 2nd of August, Frankie, Gibbo and Eddy – the Vanderful Rome volunteers, held an open day presentation for all participants and their families.

The team introduced themselves, what Surf Craftsmanship is, Alaia surfboards, Paulownia Wood, the structure of the workshop and of course, COVID-19 rules and procedure. 

We are very grateful to receive wood for the Alaia surfboards and baby Paulownia trees from Paulownia Italy.

Surf-Craftsmanship Day 2

The participants were introduced to Alaias and the basic principles of surfing and hydrodynamics. They began by drawing the outline of their board shape. After this, they prepared the paulownia planks and started glueing them together. Below you can see participants working together on the group’s first board!


Day 3

First the participants cleaned off the excess glue then traced the template outline of the Alaia shape they liked best. Up next is the shaping of the board’s rails. Everyone was taught how to use a hand-plane… then the tough bit begins! 

Vanderful is very proud to announce their collaboration with Stanley Black & Decker Italia. Thanks to Stanley, our workshops have been equipped with safe, quality hand and power tools. 

Day 4

As mentioned above, this is when the hard work starts! All the participants worked hard at planing the rails of their boards whilst curls of paulownia shavings tumble to the floor. For the next few sessions, the participants will observe the volume and weight of the board decrease… but only after hours of planing!

Day 5

Wow, we can’t believe we’ve almost completed a week’s worth of workshops! The Alaias are beginning to take shape, we can’t wait to show you how they look next week. Well done to everyone who has participated, and thanks to all of the volunteers from Surf4Children for their help and the generosity and welcome from Danny’s Point

Give children the chance to play.

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