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Our team, in collaboration with Surf4Children ONLUS and Danny’s Point, sowed seeds of hope in the hearts of young people in Santa Marinella, a small coastal town near Rome, Italy.

This video highlights all of those Vanderful moments we had during our Surf Craftsmanship workshop during the summer of 2021.

A special thanks goes to the children and their families, Clio for her passionate spirit and support, Danylo Kornal for making this incredible video and to our sponsors Paulownia Italy and Stanley Tools Italia, for providing us with wood and tools.

Santa Marinella, Italy

August 2021

In collaboration with Surf4Children and Danny’s Point, Vanderful implemented a Surf Craftsmanship workshop over this busy summer month in Italy. Throughout the workshop, participants were dedicated, hardworking and made beautiful Alaias as teams. 

Their efforts were celebrated by a ‘Wood Vibes Only’ event on the 31st of August, where everyone enjoyed a BBQ, a raffle, an auction and a presentation of what’s in store for our team for the rest of the year. 

Photos credit to the talented Danylo @kornalsurf

Give children the chance to play.

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