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In 2019 Vanderful implemented projects in: Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, and Zimbabwe. Below is a short description of each project.

Throughout 2020 we continued to support Manuel and Manu Shapes from afar and in 2021 we faciliated a workshop in Europe. 

2022 has kicked off with a Surf Craftsmanship workshop in Cape Verde and Expressive Arts will return to Tofo, Mozambique in July!

Swakopmund, Namibia

February – March 2019

In collaboration with the Green House Study Centre, Vanderful had the opportunity to run their pilot project at this lovely place. 10 children built Paipo bodyboards and were able to try and test them out in the water together!

9 children participated in the 6 weeks of Expressive Arts and finished their workshop with their very own performance of ‘The Magic Library’.

We learnt a lot from this process and fed this knowledge into our further practice and the development of the Vanderful structure and concept.

Photos credit to Vanderful and Karin Retief Photography.

Tofo, Mozambique

July – August 2019

Our first official project was lucky enough to be held in the beautiful little beach town, Tofo, in collaboration with Gutsakisana.

Our Expressive Arts workshops were very well attended and the children put on a spectacular performance ‘Acabou Coco’… all 72 of them!

Manuel shaped Tranquilo (in the video above) along with 6 other teenagers from the community, who shaped Alaia and Paipo boards. Manuel opened Manu Shapes and is continuing to make hollow wooden boards and host the boys who are shaping Alaias and creating Surf Wax.

Photos credit to Vanderful and Arjen Pennekamp.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

August 2019

After our project in Mozambique, we had about 2,500km of land to cross over to our next in Angola!

Over the course of 3.5 weeks we made our way back over to the West coast of Africa.

We had the honour of holding an afternoon workshop at a magical place called ‘The Sandra Jones Centre‘ in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We played games with the children and staff that lived in this warm and welcoming home for children around the country.Our only regret of the entire trip, was that we couldn’t stay here any longer than we did. We promise, we will return one day.

Cabo Ledo, Angola

September – October 2019

Vanderful was generously hosted by the Carpe Diem Resort in the community of Cabo Ledo. In collaboration with Angola Waves and FADEN, also with a local boat builder Graiciano; Frankie and Gibbo mentored 6 individuals to shape Alaia and Paipo Boards.

They were also given the amazing opportunity to receive training from the ISA (The International Surfing Association) in Water Safety, Level 1 Surf instuctor and Surf Judging.

Our Expressive Arts workshops functioned with about 80 children strong; ending with the first drama production in this community; ‘Chega de Moscas, vamos limpar!’

Cuerama, Angola

October – November 2019

After making strong connections and relationships during Vanderful Angola, we were lucky enough to meet an inspirational woman; Olga. President of FADEN; Olga had been very present during our time in Cabo Ledo. She invited us to facilitate a version of our workshops at her social project: Projecto Cuerama.

Cuerama is a small village, far into central Angola along some unpassable roads. This was an extremely inspirational and unique experience. We condensed our workshops to 3 weeks. Due to being away from the ocean, ‘Craftsmanship’ made Chess Boards and the children learnt to play this mentally stimulating game.

Expressive Arts established their themes and performed short improvisations and English nursery rhymes. We worked with the entire school in Cuerama; all 500 children!

Give children the chance to play.

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