Vanderful / Seeds of hope across Africa


Vikki (Peggy)

A warm and kind soul, with a unwavering passion for all things ‘play’ and the arts. Theatre, illustration, literature, writing and community based practices are what she lives for.

Vikki is committed to the theraputic benefits of drama, story telling, and expressive arts and the positive impact these have on the children she works with. 

She believes that children are valuable members of society; they are the change makers and their voices should be heard!

Frankie (Anzac)

Frankie is an avid sportsman and dedicated to sharing, collaboration on all levels. He admits that he has an addiction to the ocean and wishes to share this perspective with all that he meets.

A very talented craftsman, and the mastermind behind our Surf Craftsmanship. Frankie is committed to ‘being the change he wants to see in the world’ and ensuring all that we implement is as sustainable as possible.

Federico (Gibbo)

An all round friendly and chilled dude. Frankie’s best friend and brother; both obsessed with waves, tides and swell!

Gibbo is a keen traveller and musician. He has just completed a degree in Biology. He is curious and keen to learn more about this fabulous continent (Africa) and its people.

Bronzo (Ridgeless Ridgeback)

Bronzo is a very friendly dog. Don’t let his size alarm you, as he’s even scared of sausage dogs! One adorable characteristic about him, is that he thinks he’s a human.

He was rescued from Walvis Bay, Namibia and will now join the few ‘international’ dogs, living life on the road, making friends where ever he goes!

Zuzu (Miniature panther)

A very affectionate cat but only on her terms. She’ll spend the night hunting, prowelling around camp and climbing trees. Only to return to the kombi to sleep the entire day; wedged between pillows, blankets and bags.

Often people are amazed that she never strays too far. Our van has been her favourite place since she was 7 weeks old!

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