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GoWesty were our sponsors throughout 2019 in Africa. They fit us with high spec suspension and shock absorbers to ensure we had a smooth ride across rough terrain. 

Click here to purchase a Vanderful sticker from their website:

Vanderful Car Sticker enabled us to run our Surf Craftsmanship workshop completely ‘off grid’ through solar power. They supplied us with a solar panel system; making our charging 100% sustainable.

Click here to see more of their Sustainable products:

Paulownia Italy have provided our Surf Craftsmanship workshops with the perfect wood for Alaia Surfboards. Paulownia is not only light but it’s also the fastest growing tree in the world! 

We are also grateful for their recent donation of 350 paulownia saplings to help us fundraise to return to Africa.

Click here learn more about Paulownia Italy’s trees:

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Our team is currently all working remotely, but we are looking for people with the following skills:

Social media Marketing, Web development, Web design, Film Making, Editing, Creativity and a general interest in working with children and making the world a better place!

Please let us know a little about who you are, your ideas and why you are interested in joining us! 

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