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Since the very beginning, BigThing LTD has been there step by step. Founding Director Tom is behind all of the graphics, videography, media and marketing of Vanderful. Along with that, Tom is also Vikki’s brother and together with his partner Christiana, they joined Vikki, Frankie and Gibbo on the first journey from Namibia to Mozambique.

Paulownia Italy have provided our Surf Craftsmanship workshops with the perfect wood for Alaia Surfboards. Paulownia is not only light but it’s also the fastest growing tree in the world! 

We are also grateful for their recent donation of 350 paulownia saplings to help us fundraise to return to Africa.

Click here learn more about Paulownia Italy’s trees:

Bessey provided our Mozambique 2022 project with the best clamps you can find on the market. Thanks to them, Manu Shapes is able to build hollow wooden surfboards, Alaias and Paipos with no worries when clamping the wooden planks together.

For about 3 years we have been priviledged enough to have the support from one of the senior members of staff at Stanley Italia. Thanks to her, our Surf Craftsmanship workshops have reliable and high quality tools to shape wooden surfboards.

GoWesty were our sponsors throughout 2019 in Africa. They fit us with high spec suspension and shock absorbers to ensure we had a smooth ride across rough terrain.

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Vanderful Car Sticker enabled us to run our Surf Craftsmanship workshop completely ‘off the grid’ through our solar power system fitted on our beloved van. They supplied us with a solar panel system; making our charging 100% sustainable.

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Give children the chance to play.

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