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Salty Jackal.

After moving house, and gladfully putting some of our stuff in the neighbours garage, we’re now basically already nomads! As it happens with these types of things, this weekend of all weekends Walvis Bay was expecting somewhat 10.000 people!

Meaning that all accommodation in Walvis was pretty much occupied. With a van not being mechanically prepared to drive with five people and all our stuff in it, camping was not an option. After making a few calls to hopefully find a place where we could stay for a total of two weeks (enough to get us going) we were left with no answer. Bear in mind, it’s not just five people that needed housing; it’s also Bronzo and Zuzu! That is until we phoned Salty Jackal and were happily invited to stay in their hostel!

Having a roof over our heads filled us with joy. But that wasn’t even all of it! Olli (owner of Salty Jackal, and friend of Vikki and Frankie) offered us to stay for free! Despite the very – VERY – cold weather, our hearts warmed up from so much generosity.

That evening we felt that we deserve to treat ourselves to some very good food. As we all love Indian, we booked a table at Garnish. We ate until we couldn’t eat no more, and fell asleep feeling very satisfied.

We had a wonderful weekend, with a warming fire every night in Olli’s great firepit. We were inspired by his potjie pot, and are now determined to buy one as well! We met two lovely volunteers, Emma and Antonia, and all eight of us including Ollie went out for dinner on Saturday night. Bronzo and Signa being old buddies enjoyed having each other around. We’re very grateful for all this positivity in our lives! And therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Olli and his Salty Jackals staff for a wonderful stay!

Give children a chance to play.

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Expressive Arts exceeded all my expectations! My daughter grew in confidence and overcame so many anxieties. Being part of this brought out the BEST in all those who took part and was the MOST memorable experience here, by far!

Namibia needs more teachers like you!

A Namibian Parent

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