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GoWesty are our mechanical suppliers, fitting us with high spec suspension and shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride all around Africa.

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Vanderful Car Sticker

Montego take pride in being pet nutrition experts. Bronzo and Zuzu are extremely grateful that their health and well-being has been taken care of during our journey.

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Montego Pet Nutrition have enabled us to run our Surf Craftsmanship workshop completely ‘off grid’ through solar power. They’ve supplied us with a solar panel system; making our charging 100% sustainable.

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Opposite Lock offer great 4×4 accessories and products. They have provided us with a sturdy and reliable recovery kit for our journey.

Click here to see what other 4×4 products they have to offer:

Opposite Lock – South Africa

If you or your company wish to collaborate with the Vanderful Project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to discussing how we can work together!

Give children a chance to play.

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Expressive Arts exceeded all my expectations! My daughter grew in confidence and overcame so many anxieties. Being part of this brought out the BEST in all those who took part and was the MOST memorable experience here, by far!

Namibia needs more teachers like you!

A Namibian Parent

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