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We can’t express how grateful we are for all the help and support Marti, Lindi and their team gave us at our event in Godenfang! We were blessed with a really lovely evening. Everybody loved Mr. G’s pizza, and our fundraiser couldn’t be more successful. We’ve been blessed with a total amount of €590!

The kids didn’t want to leave Miss Farrell’s side, forming her personal entourage! Frankie flourished as Godenfang’s third guest chef, by making exceptional pizzas for everyone. Of course helped by the amazing kitchen brigade. And as it always happens, the dough machine decided not to work. This meant that Mr. G and the Godenfang chefs had to make all the dough by hand!

The evening was a swimming success, with the buzz of conversation softly humming in the background and the children’s laughter outside. There was a jumping castle donated by Marti and Lindi, and face painting generously sponsored by Charlene Wiggle, Walvis Bay’s locally known artist.

Tom had the projector displaying all the photographs from the previous school event and other Vanderful Adventures to this date. The atmosphere was warm and engaging as we all meandered amongst all the people who had intentionally come along, just for us!

Gibbo drew our lucky raffle winner Gia! Subsequently, Christiana interviewed her “how do you feel? Do you know what you won?!” Unfortunately time ticked on too fast for us to initiate our surfboard auction, however Tom and Gibbo showed off the Alaia board and hand plane, briefly explaining our Craftsmanship workshop. With a horsey speech from Vikki (she had by this point lost her voice!) Christiana and Tom intercepted and rounded everything up by not repeating ourselves, thanked everyone for coming and for all their support to us as a Team and to Vikki and Frankie over their time in Namibia.

It was certainly a day that will live on in all of our memories and we would like to take this opportunity to once more thank all of those who showed their support and interest by attending our Godenfundraiser!

Give children the chance to play.

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