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Flamingo Cottages.

On Monday we left Salty Jackal. Thinking we had a confirmed stay at Esplenada cottages, in Walvis Bay. But when we arrived there we were let down. Esplenada does not allow pets in their cottages. Meaning that we couldn’t stay there. We were nomads, once again! We didn’t want to wait around and drove the van to the Flamingo cottages right down the street. It would be a dream of Vikki and Frankie to end up here, since this is also where they lived when they just arrived in Walvis Bay. It would make a full circle!

Lucky enough, there were two cottages available. Whilst Frankie made a phone call to the real estate agents, Christiana decided to climb a tree just outside the Flamingo Cottages. What Gibbo had already warned her for “don’t break your legs before the project starts!” happened. She fell out of the tree, trying to climb down. We all had a laugh about it, luckily nothing serious had happened (despite the big trunk she fell on). Moreover, Frankie had confirmed our stay!

From here, we will spend the next two weeks getting ready for our big adventure. A bit of luxury until we have no more! We simply can’t wait to finally get on the road. And want to thank all of our beloved followers for all their support, generosity and kind words. Please stay tuned and keep updated with Vanderful Adventures. Without you, we’re nowhere!

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