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Vanderful Cuerama, Angola

Our team were lucky enough to meet an inspirational woman; Olga. President of FADEN; Olga had been very present during our time in Cabo Ledo and invited us to facilitate a version of our workshops at her social project: Projecto Cuerama.


Cuerama is a small village, far into central Angola along some almost unpassable roads. This was an extremely wonderful and unique experience to run our workshops in such a place.

Expressive Arts (Drama)

Our workshops ran every morning, but to be as inclusive as possible, we held 3 sessions back to back. Each group was over 100 children!

The children that attend Projecto Cuerama have had little exposure to the kind of activities and games that we play. Therefore, progress was a little slow, so we simplified many of our concepts, to ensure everyone was enjoying themselves at all times!


Craftsmanship – Chess / Xadres

Due to being far from the ocean, our craftsmanship workshops couldn’t very well shape surf boards; so instead Frankie taught them how to make their very own Chess boards and how to play this fun, but educational game.

Cuerama is isolated amongst the evergreen heights of central Angola. The children who attend the school don’t have telephones, T.V or even radio. Teaching them how to play chess, offers these teenagers not only a mentally stimulating and challenging game, but a chance to socialise and have a common interest.


Vanderful Girls

When we first introduced ourselves and the project to the school, there was little interest from the teenage girls to play chess. Even after encouragement, they still didn’t attend our workshops.

However; after the boys had made their boards and had begun playing seriously, we showed the school the movie ‘Queen of Katwe’; after 5 girls joined us during the afternoon. We were overwhelmed that they had built up the confidence to participate.

Give children the chance to play.

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