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Vanderful Cape Verde

Vanderful Volunteer Roberta supported Federico in setting up the Surf Craftsmanship workshop in collaboration with the Djunta Mon Community, in Mindelo a town on the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde. Here’s a little account of her experience. Thank you Roby for all your help!

When I got to Cape Verde, I didn’t know I would have experienced such a wonderful Vanderful project. I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes the heart and soul of a project I always thought was amazing.

My role was to help set up before the workshop and take pictures and videos of the work. I didn’t know what to expect and if I would have liked it, now I already miss it! I was lucky because the participants were nice, kind and thoughtful. Some of them shy, some big talkers, but all believing in what they were learning and why they were learning it.

Federico was capable of creating a welcoming environment, there was space to get to know one another, have a laugh as much as working together.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and learned a lot about community, wood work (which I didn’t know I would be interested in but hey, now I want to learn how to shape too!) and working as a team.
What I’d say is: if you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity, you won’t regret choosing Vanderful! I hope I’ll get the chance to be a volunteer again.

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