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Angola postponed – Mozambique?

What nobody could have expected, happened during the fundraising day on the 29th. We received an email from our contact in Angola. The email brought us the very sad news that our host, who’s in touch with the local community and able to engage kids from surrounding townships in our workshops, had some serious family issues. And therefore needs to be in Europe for the foreseeable future.

We are now left with an uncertainty, the possibility of postponing our Angolan project until September. But as it concerns health issues, nobody can be sure at this point. Determined to start our project as soon as we can, we’re now debating our next move.

We’re very sad about this news coming from Angola. And we wish our contact all the strength he needs during this time. But as we say: “everything happens for a reason”. We believe that positivity is the only way forward! At least this leaves us with a little more time to prepare ourselves to the T. We’ve already learnt – again – that things in Africa take a little more time than anywhere else. We’ve been waiting for spares from the USA longer than we counted for. So we take this happily as a lesson in flexibility. We don’t want to spend more time in Namibia not implementing the project, therefore meaning that as soon as we’re ready to be moving, we want to move. Luckily enough we have contacts in Mozambique, who would gladly invite us over to implement our project there! We’re in the midst of deciding to indeed postpone our Angolan project until the beginning of September. And instead start our Mozambican project from the beginning of July.

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