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Vanderful Angola – New Video 

GoWesty goes to West Africa!

Here’s our latest installment of the GoWesty series about our Vanderful Adventures!

This video highlights the development of our workshops in the delightful little villae of Cabo Ledo, 2 hours from the Angola capital Luanda.The children and young people of Cabo Ledo participated in our 6 week workshop programme. To find out more, please visit our Workshops page!

Vanderful plants seeds for the sustainable growth of rural communities and their most valuable members: children.

Sharing creative skills and teamwork, promotes psychological and physical development.

Our fun and educational workshops aim to create new opportunities and positively transform lives.

Seeds of Hope ODV

Vanderful is a project run by ‘Seeds of Hope’ Volunteer organisation. We intiated this non-profit to share skills, opportunities and play experiences with children from marganilised areas of society.

Due to currently global situation, the Vanderful team are currently living and working in Europe. But this doesn’t mean that Vanderful plans have stopped, it’s quite the opposite!

Vanderful São Tomé and Príncipe

Planning & Preparing – 2021 / 2022


Now that the team are in Europe, we are busy putting our heads together with our committee and making plans for the next project.

Through a four year plan, we aim empower and uplift the community of Sao Tomè, without imposing our presence, by facilitating and nurturing the growth of a community centre. 

With a holistic, child-centred and long term approach; we aim to engage the local community and assist by ‘planting seeds’ for a hopeful and sustainable future.

Give children a chance to play.

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Expressive Arts exceeded all my expectations! My daughter grew in confidence and overcame so many anxieties. Being part of this brought out the BEST in all those who took part and was the MOST memorable experience here, by far!

Namibia needs more teachers like you!

A Namibian Parent

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