Vanderful 2022

In 2022, Vanderful will return to Tofo, Mozambique and will begin constructing a ‘Vanderful Play Centre’ close to a local school and the beach. Our team will engage our existing collaborators in this development, with the intention that our partnership can be permanent, supporting the local community and their most valuable members; their children. 

Our vision for the future of Vanderful / Seeds of Hope ODV is to be able to create ‘Vanderful Play Centres‘ in many rural communities around the globe, creating a skill-sharing network of volunteers between developed and developing nations, supporting the healthy and safe development of young people in a rapidly changing world. 

Seeds of Hope ODV

Vanderful is a project run by ‘Seeds of Hope’ Volunteer organisation. We intiated this non-profit to share skills, opportunities and play experiences with children from marganilised areas of society.

Due to currently global situation, the Vanderful team are currently living and working in Europe. But this doesn’t mean that Vanderful plans have stopped, it’s quite the opposite!

Check out the different pages on our website to learn about what we are getting up to and how Vanderful is beginning to expand.

Give children a chance to play.

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